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5 things to do in London

Article Detail :As fans of The Clash know, London's calling! Whether you're an Anglophile or simply making the usual European vacation rounds, London is a multicultural , global city with a wide variety of sights and experiences to suit every taste. While paring down the hundreds of activities available was no small task, here are the five most fun things to do in London. When checking out London holiday packages, these are the highlights you simply don't want to miss.

Take a ride on the London Eye. While this activity may not be quite right for those with a fear of heights, the gigantic Ferris Wheel ride offers breathtaking views for visitors of all ages. Standard tickets can be bought at the attraction or purchased online for a 10 percent discount. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes and is handicap accessible. Be sure to take your camera to capture gorgeous panoramic views, as a clear day will allow you to see a wide range of the city, including The Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, and Waterloo Railway Station.

Tour Buckingham Palace. Besides being the birthplace of Princes Andrew and Charles, Buckingham Palace is the largest private home in London. Boasting a priceless art collection and multiple architectural styles, the palace survived nine direct bomb hits in WWII and serves as the queen's primary residence. Tours are held every day during the summer and every other day in the winter months. Try to catch the changing of the guard while you're there!

Take in the British Music Experience. This permanent art installation on the O2 features artifacts from many British recording artists, including Amy Winehouse, Boy George, Sir Elton John, and David Bowie. Select members of The Clash, The Beatles, and Queen are also represented by items such as guitars or outfits. Anyone who loves contemporary music will be amazed by this attraction.

Wander Piccadilly Circus. While some London holiday packages will schedule each moment of your day, there's something to be said for wandering one of London's busiest areas with no real agenda. Located in the West End, Piccadilly Circus has its own stop on the tube (subway system). Simply get off and take in the sights and sounds. Known for its neon signage and the Shaftesbury memorial fountain, it is also home to the Criterion Theatre and the London Pavillion. Smaller shops dot the area as well, making it the perfect place for dinner or shopping.

Take in The British Museum. This free museum is open to the public every day and features an enormous collection of artifacts from throughout England's long history. Be aware that some of the exhibits, such as the Lindow Man, may not be appropriate for small or sensitive children. As the second-most visited museum in the world, this collection of over seven million objects is a must-see for any London visitor.

No matter why you're in London or how long you'll be staying, there truly is something for everyone in the capital city. Museums, art installations, and gorgeous architecture are around every corner of the city.
By Author : Sahabuddin On Date :19/09/11 01:31:06
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